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Tijuana International Airport Transfers

Tijuana International Airport is a unique binational airport with the airport and all that is included in Mexico, including the Main Terminal, just south of the border with the United States, except for one of the terminals that is located in the US, just north of the border. The terminal on the American side is called CBX (Cross Border Xpress) and the two terminals are connected via a pedestrian bridge across the border. The bridge is 390 foot/120 meter long and it takes roughly 15-30 minutes to cross it, depending on the season.

As the two terminals are located in different countries there are also two different sets of transfers to and from the airport.

Transfers at Tijuana Airport – Main Terminal, Mexican Side

Rental Cars – There are several car rental companies at Tijuana Airport. Their offices are located in and around the Main Terminal. Follow instructions given to return a rented vehicle. Walk-ups are available, but it’s usually wise to arrange for the rental in advance to make sure there is a vehicle that suits your needs available upon your arrival at the airport.

Buses – Local buses to transfer to or from downtown Tijuana stop at the bus terminal located to the right once exiting the Main Terminal.

Greyhound, ANC Autobuses and other longer distance transfer travelers to other destinations in Mexico and a few destinations in the US. These buses also depart from the bus terminal to right after exiting the terminal. There are several departures per day to most of the destinations, including Mexico City. See more about buses to and from Tijuana Airport.

Taxis – Only SAAT, airport-union, taxis are allowed to collect travelers from the airport’s grounds. These taxis are found right outside the terminal exits. Other taxis are available from just across the street, which isn’t on airport grounds. Most of the taxis use fixed rates, but Taxi Libre uses a taximeter and it is recommended to negotiate the fare before getting into one of their taxis.

Taxis are one of the safest ways to travel within Tijuana. More about taxis to and from Tijuana Airport.

RideShares – Several rideshare companies offer their transfer services to and from the airport. Rides are requested through the chosen company’s app.

Hotel Shuttles – Some hotels offer a shuttle transfer service to their guests. These are requested by the traveler through the hotel, as they are arranged by the hotels. Need to book a hotel? See a range of hotels near Tijuana Airport.

Trains – There are no train transfers at the airport, but travelers can transfer to one of the two train stations in Tijuana for further travels to other locations in Mexico as well as in the US.

Transfers at Tijuana Airport – CBX Terminal, US Side

Rental Cars – Several car rental companies are found in the CBX Terminal, available for travelers on the American side of the border.

BusesShuttle services to and from several destinations in the nearby Southern California area are available through a private company, including San Diego and Los Angeles.

TaxisTaxis are available outside the CBX Terminal.

RideShares – A couple of rideshare companies offer their transfer services on the US Side. These are requested through the companies’ apps.

Trains – There are no train transfers available directly at CBX, but there is a train station located in San Diego for travels to or from other destinations in the US as well as Mexico. Amtrak also serves this train station.